Looking to update your album collection and want to make sure you’ve got the best rock albums of all time?  Then look no further as we’ve compiled a useful list of the ultimate best albums that you simply have to include in your collection.  This list was generated using global sales so it’s pretty accurate!  See if your all-time-favourite album is on the list and find out if you need to update your album collection!

Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin

Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin


The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden 

A sacry picture of a beast holding a human head ina shap of bat.

For hard-rock lovers everywhere this is the heavy metal album to beat all others and was the turning point for Iron Maiden who became critically acclaimed following its release.  This album gave them no less than 10 number ones in the UK and earned them a worthy place on the world’s musical stage. Released in 1982, it features Run to the Hills and the air-raid siren noise that is completely compelling. There’s also Hallowed Be Thy Name to name another one of their most dramatic singles, no record collection should be without The Number of the Beast. 

Powerage by AC/DC 

A Power Age AC/DC album in two colors red and black is placing into the disk case

One of the most notable rock albums of the 1970s, this was the band’s fourth release internationally.  The album features the tracks Riff Raff and Kicked in the Teeth as well as What’s Next to the Moon, it’s loud, rocky and something that will resonate with old-school rock lovers everywhere – keep this one safe in your record collection! 

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

Over 50 years have passed since this album’s release and arguably this one is the best rock album ever made by the Beatles, and one that has to be in a quality record collection.  Even now, it’s so popular that millions of this album are sold every year worldwide such is the pull of this Merseyside band.  You’ll love the tracks With a Little Help from My Friends and A Day in the Life, both are on the album. 

A Night at the Opera by Queen 

No record collection is complete without an album by rock stars Queen who conquered the world with their unique sound.  There are so many exceptional songs that you have to play over again and again on this extra-special Queen album, and you won’t just be singing along to them, you can’t fail to move your feet while listening! 

IV by Led Zeppelin 

Yet another Led Zeppelin album on this list of the best rock albums of all time and rightly so.  This is an impactful album that showcases the band Led Zeppelin at their very best.  Their fourth album, it was released in 1971 and is one of their biggest sellingEnjoy tracks The Battle of Evermore and Stairway to Heaven – need we say more?  Oh ok, we will – there’s also When the Levee Breaks, another of their immeasurable tunes to turn up this album another notch! 

Master of Puppets by Metallica 

For heavy metal lovers, this rock album moved the band into major heavy metal heaven and Metallica became one of the most important bands of their genre.  Master of Puppets was their third album, and many believe it to be their best.  America bought into Metallica with the release of this album which features Cliff Burton, their bassist (who died not long after on one of the band’s tours).  It’s far better than the album Ride the Lightning (which is still fantastic in its own right!).  If you haven’t heard Master of Puppets, we urge you to listen to it. 

Back in Black by AC/DC 

Back in Black by AC/DC album with a photo of the group in black and white and also the disk placing into the disk case.

Yet another album by iconic rock band AC/DC.  In early 1980, lead singer Bon Scott died after drinking way too much and experiencing alcohol poisoning at the young age of just 33.  The band quickly regrouped and recruited a new lead singer Johnson and six months later released Back in Black – in tribute to Bon.  It was to become the biggest-selling album of the band’s career and is possibly the best rock album of all time with songs such as Hells Bells, Rock and Roll ain’t Noise Pollution and Honey. 

Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses 

This Guns N’ Roses classic was the world’s biggest selling debut album ever to be made with more than 30 million sold across the world (and still selling copies today).  It transformed band Guns N’ Roses into global mega stars and includes tracks Welcome to the Jungle, It’s So Easy and of course, Paradise City, the latter became one of the biggest rock songs ever – featuring Slash’s exceptional guitar playing.  Oh and Sweet Child O’ Mine is a true classic. It really is the biz! 

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd 

No one can fail to disagree that Dark Side of the Moon is one of the best rock albums of all time.  Mean, moody and unique there’s nothing quite like it, from the design of the album sleeve to the collection of outstanding tunes featuring on this album.  People said it was ground-breaking and indeed it was with The Great Gig in the Sky, On the Run, Time and of course, Money. If you’re a serious music lover, we’re sure this is in your record collection. 


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