This is a dedicated web page to the Vampyre of Time and Memory which is an insidiously catchy by Queens of the Stone written by Josh Homme, with 3:34 minutes long.

Welcome to the rock band Vampyre of time and memory’s fansite! They are an up-and-coming group that you should keep your eyes on.

If you’re a fan of Queens Of The Stone, then this is the place for YOU! All together and sharing ideas with others who love them as much or more than we do. Come join in on all our fun discussions about what’s happening right now within their world-including new music releases before they hit stores around town.”

Vampyre is an arena rock band that has been captivating audiences for years. Their sound combines the traditions of classic AOR with moderngressive elements to create a unique blend, which they have become known across Europe and Asia Pacific regions alike!

Who would have thought hat a band from the USA could create such an interesting and unique track? The Queens of The Stone Age are an American Rock group, who earlier this year released their new single “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory”. This song has some really cool sounds to it with vocals fitted nicely over laid back drums which make up most parts; however there’s also Rodent – guitarist Josh Homme (also in another one called Led Zeppelin) adding moreWHOA – Were You?, bringing things faster towards end!

The band’s music has been described as “stoner rock,” but Josh Hommes disagrees. The piano introduction to this track is classic Queens of the Stone Age with some psychedelic elements that give it an alternative edge and make for something far from predictable in terms on sound or style!